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Kyle Huntsberry

My passion is to bring your hair dreams to reality! To show it is possible to love your natural texture and enhance your style with amazing color.  Healthy, shiny, bouncy hair is my promise to you, all while offering a relaxing, fun and educational experience.  I love color transformations, teaching you how to embrace your natural texture, as well as maintaining your lifestyle.  Through thorough consultation, experience, and education there is always a custom treatment to meet your needs. I specialize in lived in color, color corrections, all blonding, balayage, dimensional brunettes, grey blending/ covering, textured hair color, fantasy colors, and curly hair cutting.  I use the best quality products on all of my guests and all of my luxury color services include conditioning treatments to keep hair healthy and shiny to maintain longevity.


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Luxe curly cut information

what is a curly cut?

My goal is to create a very custom experience for you and your curls! 

Utilizing DRY cutting and styling techniques that are designed for everything from wavy to the kinkiest of textures! This will also include a custom consultation to curate a style that fits your lifestyle, as well as specific product recommendations to maintain your beautiful new curly cut!

How to prep for your curly service

Cleanse and style your hair with light product the day of your appointment and arrive with your hair DRY AND DOWN in its natural state! And remember to come with an open mind ready to embrace those curls!

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For all of my services I utilize an hourly rate and here's why!

What is hourly pricing and why did I choose to use it?

For starters...SIMPLICITY! Its so much easier than having a mile long list of services that is complicated to explain and causes  A LOT of stress for both the stylist and client. An hourly rate is also all inclusive! It is genderless, streamlined, includes gratuity, and transparent! it gives me the freedom to give you my all and not have to worry about upcharging a conditioning treatment I can just do it! I made this transition to create a custom experience for my clients and it has enabled me to do the best hair I've ever done in my LIFE!

If you want to know more about my hourly pricing feel free to check out my booking site!


About Kyle Huntsberry

Deva certified, Wella, Tigi, American Board, & independently trained.

As a child I always felt like I didn't fit in, from my crazy, curly mane of hair to my fiery personality that couldn't find an outlet.  I became my own hairstylist at age 10, cutting, dying and straightening my hair just to fit in.  I tried everything to tame my hair in my attempt to feel beautiful.  When I found this industry I found myself!   The first salon I worked for were 3 sisters, all curly girls!  They taught me how to embrace my natural texture, and I forever put down the straightener.  Not only did this industry teach me to love myself and embrace my beauty, I found my people as well. 


My passion is now to make women feel beautiful!  Through thorough consultation, 15+ years of experience and continuous education, I deliver a customized experience and create a hair journey that's right for your lifestyle.  Being of mixed heritage has taught me so much about texture, and has pushed me, but not limited me to one hair type. If color enhancing, curl loving, or grey blending is what you're after I'm your girl!

Your hair is your crown, lets give it some love!


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