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Where we salon differently

We are a NJ based hair salon specializing in all things curls, color, and cuts.

Welcome to your new hair home, Milk Honey Soul.

We're on a mission to create an environmentally and socially conscious safe space by offering a 1:1,  genderless, and gratuity free experience including cuts, color, and an array of services performed by our empowered and educated stylists.


Milk Honey Soul is a stress-free environment to create dream hair for all humans.

No rushing or double booking necessary, by working this way we have been able to customize each appointment, uniquely to your needs and have been creating the best hair of our lives.


Everyone is seen, heard, understood, and welcome here. Milk Honey Soul has a thriving partnership with The Sam and Devorah Foundation for Trans Youth in which we donate 1% of our profits to their organization.


Rachelle did an amazing job on my hair. She KNOWS how to cut curly hair.

She suspected that I needed a cleansing shampoo to clean my hair strands so they could reabsorb moisture and she was absolutely right. She gave me layers but kept my length while perfecting my shape. Three days later, I haven’t washed or restyled and my styling is still holding up great. I would definitely recommend to anyone with curly hair looking for a relatively quick and professional trim/reshaping.


We take our commitment to creating a safe space a step further through a strong commitment to sustainability.


Milk Honey Soul has not only carefully chosen partners in non-toxic products, low-toxic hair color; but also partner with green circle salons to ensure everything is resourced, recycled, or repurposed.  Yes, even the hair we cut off of your head will find a new life.


We can't wait for you to experience the Milk Honey Soul difference

All appointments, availability, and how-to book can be found through our website here. 

For additional assistance with booking please call 


Monday-Friday 12pm-7pm and Saturdays 12-4pm

You can also text us for booking requests, or if you are running late or need to get in touch with your stylist at 908-356-4959

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