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The Hair Stylist's Guide to Hourly Pricing
Empower Your Salon Experience: Fairer Prices, Happier Clients, and Thriving Stylists

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You can't expect to achieve your wildest dreams without stepping outside the box.
This Ebook will guide you through the conscious intentionality of hourly pricing, answering your questions and providing you the same tools that completely changed my life. Hourly pricing finally gave me my time back, and I want that for you too.  
You can stay chained to inconsistent pay, or you can write your own story, guarentee your income, and gain creative freedom.
What is hourly pricing? Who is it for? And why should I choose it over an a la cart menu?
What are the benefits of hourly pricing, and will my guests actually like it?
How do I determine what my hourly rate should be, and what's the best way to help my guests transition?
Plus Kyle's answer to the common mindset trigger, “I don’t love the idea of hourly pricing because I think I can make more money a la cart.”
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I help salon owners and commision/independent stylists find their voice, listen to it, and reach for their wildest dreams.
Proud mom, wife, dog mom, and salon owner passionate about transforming the hair industry. Seeking a fresh perspective, I turned to DTH coaching three years ago, leading to the successful launch of Milk Honey Soul Salon just a year later, entirely cash-flowed. With DTH's guidance, I've achieved work-life balance, increased earnings, and now mentor others in their journey to explore emotional intelligence, responsibility, and critical thinking. Whether you're a burnt-out salon owner, an artist craving growth, or a stylist ready to break barriers, let's embark on this journey together.
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Everything you want is within reach.

Sometimes you just need a little guidance.

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