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Book Your All Inclusive Session

No Add Ons, No Upsells, No Gratuity

We book by the hour and your time with us is all inclusive. It is gender less, gratuity free and no add ons, there's just no guessing.

If you are unsure on how to book, take a look at the chart below for suggested blocks of time.

Select your stylist, service, date & time.

We will adjust if necessary.

And if you're still unsure you can fill out our consultation form, or book a consultation.



1 hour The Meet Up.png

1.5 hours: Brunch Date

  • Custom Curly Cut

  • Root Touch-up and Blowout

  • Transformational Haircut

  • Treatment and Haircut

1 hour: The Meet Up

  • Haircut

  • Blowout

  • Glaze and Blowout

1 hour The Meet Up.png
Brunch date 1.5 hours .PNG
image (1).png
1 hour The Meet Up.png

3 hours: The Catch Up

  • Partial Highlights

  • Partial Balayage

  • Maintenance Highlights

2 hours: The Hang Out

  • Root Touch-up and Haircut

  • Root Touch-up and Curly Styling

  • Face Frame Highlights

  • Transformational Curly Cut

1 hour The Meet Up.png
3 hours.PNG
1 hour The Meet Up.png
4 hours.PNG

5 hours: All Nighter

*Includes Haircut

  • Requires Consultation

  • Full on Transformation

  • Creative Color

4 hours: Let's Party

*Includes Haircut

  • Major Transformation

  • Full highlight

  • Full foilyage or Hair Painting

1 hour The Meet Up.png
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