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Specialty: Cutting & coloring for all textures.


Even before she developed my love for hair styling, Patty knew she wanted to be a hairstylist. To her, they were always the most independent, bad ass people in the room and as a teenage rebel, the industry spoke to her!

After 14+ years of experience and education, Patty’s love for this industry continues to grow. It has led her around the country seeking to master color and cutting for all hair types with a specialty for curly hair.

Going through her own curl journey sparked a passion to help everyone learn to not only master, but LOVE their natural texture. Patty’s goal is to guide you through your curl journey and simplify your routine so you can spend less time dreading wash days and more time enjoying your gorgeous mane!

When she’s not in the salon, you can find her cuddling her cat Winston, buying another plant she doesn't have room for, or enjoying the outdoors (especially if there is water involved) with the people she loves.

Patty can’t wait to create hair magic with you!

Fun Fact: She is a true fish and would swim in a puddle if it was big enough.

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