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The Vibe at Milk Honey Soul

What to expect on our space?



At Milk Honey Soul Salon, we aspire to create a unique experience with our guests. We love the individual attention and connection we are able to give to our guests by seeing only one person at a time. While you are in our space our time is yours. By working 1 on 1 we are able to take the time and care that’s needed to bring your hair dreams to reality. No rushing or double booking necessary. By working this way we have been able to customize each appointment uniquely to your needs and have been creating the best hair of our lives.

We honor your time and want this time to be equally enjoyable for all involved. No stress, no drama.  In addition to our private appointments, our pricing is completely transparent based on the time block of your choosing. The moment you book your appointment, you already know what it will cost. We did this to offer a stress free experience with no surprises upon check out. 

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